Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Everything new is old again...

There's an interesting post over at kuro5hin that makes a sensible argument that web-based applications are the legacy apps of the future. It's easy to fool ourself into thinking that "oh no, we're building stuff that's portable and language independent" but reality is that we're deluded to think that some large chunk of what we're building now isn't going to be legacy.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Break the Curse

Break the Curse

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Me, Mark, and Mark's Dad wishfully hoping that the sign were actually true. Too bad!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Andy and Mark having a blast!

What can I say? Wrigley field is about as close to perfect as you can find on Earth ;)

Sammy Sosa on deck...

Sammy Sosa on deck...

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It'd sure be nice if Flickr offered a few different blog entry templates... Then I wouldn't have to be so stinkin' clever


Mark Prior warming up.

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While I had to suffer the pain of a 12th inning loss and ultimately a prototypical Sept.-Oct. crumble so typical of my cubbies, you can't ask for a better game. Mark Prior pitched 9 innings gave up one run and struck out 16 batters! Sammy Sosa crushed a home run onto Waveland Ave. The weather was awesome. We had great seats... There's always next year right?

Ahhh Chicago...


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This entry was posted from flickr.com. Turns out I'm not such a bad photographer.

This is a shot off of "Navy Pier" in Chicago. I wanted to capture the bi-plane and the flags. Didn't turn out so bad. Let me know what you think.

John Denver PBS show..

My wife had flipped on this PBS Special created by John Denver shortly before he died. It's an almost auto/biographical piece, and is sufficiently interesting to hold anyone's attention.

The point of this post though was an observation that he made in the film. Basically he said something to the effect: "it's not surprising that wilderness is shrinking. Look at our lives, they're increasingly less wild" I'll leave you to fill in the blank ______________________ Just thought it was an interesting observation.

Sorry about the comment SPAM..

I just noticed the increasing volume of SPAMs to the comments on my blog... I've cleaned that up. Thanks to the excellent information on elise.com.