Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Personal development

Today, I wrote my first job description. I get to hire two people. Here's the first draft:

"Company is looking for a passionate and skilled software engineer to work on a team in the office of the CEO creating technologies that help us to be better organized, better managed and more productive. Candidates must be innovative, creative, flexible, and self-directed. They will be responsible for helping to identify business needs and solutions that will be widely adopted in the company. Candidates must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. They must be capable programmers in C/C++ and Perl. Experience building database applications is a must. Experience developing applications for the Web using technologies such as SOAP, XMLRPC, Javascript, HTML, Java, JSP, or PHP is required. A proven track record designing quality GUIs is a strong plus. A bachelor's degree in computer science, or equivalent experience, is required."

What do you think?

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