Thursday, October 16, 2003

I suck at blogging...

It seems like the only time that I ever think about adding to my blog is at a time when I have nothing to say (gasp... aharbick has nothing to say).

So I'll tell you about something funny that I saw. I was on a recruiting trip to VA Tech (pretty disappointing... 2 good, not great, hires). I entered my building through one of the side entrances and proceeded through the stairwell up a couple flights of stairs. When I got to the top there was a sign "Student Disability Services ->" Now I know there are many types of disabilities, but I could help but thing "ummm.... shouldn't this be in the elevator"

Yeah, I'm no good at this.


  1. I think the first step to becoming a more successful blogger is moving yourself off port 1776 onto the much more blogger-friendly port 80. :)

  2. i think maybe you're trying too hard.