Monday, August 16, 2004

Sherpa Dad

Travelling with kids is an interesting experience, but I think the most noteworthy part is the amount of stuff that one is able to carry in one trip. See, there are two truths about travelling with kids:

1. You carry more stuff. Excluding the toys, car seats, etc. You still have
to carry essentials for them like clothes, diapers, etc.
2. The less trips you make when porting stuff from one place to another
the better.

So, given you these two fundamental truths the humble, God fearing father transforms into a mighty sherpa wending his way through crowds and parking lots loaded with more stuff than the lesser mortals surrounding him.

1 comment:

  1. Our youngest just finished potty training, and we gave up strollers at the beginning of the summer.
    This has made it so we don't really carry anything any more. No diaper bag, no stroller, no extra clothes. That's pretty cool.
    On the other hand, there've been times when we missed the stroller. Talk about a handy place to put stuff. And I'll *really* miss flying without one. We flew to florida when our oldest was 2 months old. We carried her everywhere, and put TONS of luggage in the stroller. Talk about handy.