Friday, November 12, 2004

More props for CodeTek

So CodeTek Virtual Desktop isn't perfect. There's a bug somewhere (in CTVD or I suppose it could be a Firefox bug) that causes Firefox to do funny stuff. I sent feedback to CodeTek and got this e-mail back.

    Hi Andy,

Since Mozilla's team did not resolve the issue with the release of 1.0, we
will have to now see how we can fix the problems without 'breaking'

We will be working on this to get it fixed and an update released.

In the meantime, the workarounds suggested by users are:

"When starting Firefox, if only "Firefox" appears in the menu bar (and not
File, Edit, etc.), changing desktops and changing back seems to fix this

Some report that after hiding Firefox (cmd-H) and unhiding, the Firefox
window is blank. Clicking on buttons (back, reload, etc.) or highlighting
text on the web page makes the areas clicked or highlighted appear.

And, some report that the Firefox menu is that appears after the first
start-up (ie, all other items were missing). Alt-tab to another app on
another desktop brought back functionality. ("tab-in - tab-out did bring
menus etc back in Firefox. Bit of a nuisance though.")

I hope these notes help.

Best regards, Bill

Bill Goldstein
President & CEO
CodeTek Studios, Inc

How often do you get an e-mail from the CEO of a problem dealing with support problems. Granted Bill probably IS the company, but it feels good nonetheless.

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