Tuesday, February 1, 2005


Yesterday, I stepped into the world of bats, mud, stalagtites, and stalagmites. Yep, me, Mark and Raph went caving at Breathing Cave. It was VERY cool. Lots of climbing, crawling, sucking in your gut and wriggling through a little trench... My entire upper body is sore today and I've got a few welts in the various places where I wacked body parts against rock, but I would definitely do this again.

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  1. ever since playing adventure Ive ALYWAYS wanted to do the mammoth cave.. (adds to 43things...)...
    When I was growing up we used to do the 'Cave Clan' stuff and explore under Melbourne and such.. awesome fun.. not like real caves but hey.. urban adventure..
    Ever been to the Luray caves up the road? good/bad/indifferent?