Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Driving Aphorisms

As previosly noted, we just got back from two weeks in Great Britain. The first week was in Scotland between Ediburgh and Glasgow with our friends (thanks for such a great trip!). Like I said, I'll post more when I get a chance, but I thought that I'd share a little now...

We had a rental car, so I did a fair bit of driving. On the M8 and M9 (the major motorways around/between Edinburgh and Glasgow) they have these electronic signs that are presumably for traffic information but it seems most of the time they have sage advice:
  • Tiredness can kill
  • Please follow the speed limit (so polite!)
  • Frustration causes accidents
  • Drive with consideration
I feel like a better driver already.


  1. glad you liked it. Boy you should see the trouble I am having trying to get a USA license :) wow. hopefully when my permanant resident card comes with my job permit they will give me a license... hehehe...
    tell me about Le Tour!!! :)

  2. I'll definitely be sharing about the Tour Stu! Today I spent over an hour putting together stacks of maps so that we can navigate the routes for stages 10-14. I'm betting that Lance makes his move to solidify his supremacy on the ascent to Courchevel where hopefully I'll be sitting at the top.