Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New powerbook

I ordered a new 15" powerbook. I like my old 17" but the fact of the matter is, it's just NOT portable. So it was time to get a new one (after all it's been a whole 2 years since I bought the last one ;) Two stories. First I order right after the announcement of the video ipod. I waited patiently because there was speculation that they were going to announce a new model of powerbook (which they didn't). However a week later (after I ordered) they did make that announcement so I had a new powerbook in the order queue that was already obsolete... sigh... No worries, Apple is the coolest company in the world:

To Our Valued Apple Customer:

Apple is pleased to announce a new generation of the PowerBook G4!

Your PowerBook has not shipped yet, so we have upgraded your order to the new PowerBook at no additional charge.

For more information about the new PowerBook, please visit: http://www.apple.com/powerbook

For the latest information on your order please visit http://www.apple.com/orderstatus. The online order status site will keep you up to date throughout the purchase process. Once your order ships, you will be able to obtain tracking information here as well.

Thank you for choosing Apple!

Apple Store Customer Support

Wow. Second, I've been watching my package slowly wend it's way across the world. It started in Shanghai! Now it's stuck in a "clearance delay". Interesting... I guess the goverment has to check it to make sure there isn't anything nefarious on the hard drive?

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  1. Ah, Apple--what a wonderful company! Sharing a 14" ibook with Amy has been great, but, needless to say, I am looking forward to the can't-come-soon enough day when we can purchase a powerbook. We've already discussed it--Amy can keep the ibook (you know with all of our docs on it, a much easier machine to handle really, much more safe) and I'll get the new powerbook and slave away at transferring docs over. Oh, well... ;)