Wednesday, April 19, 2006

When the Media Seems Unbelievable

My wife and I heard a story on NPR this morning as we were getting up. I was shaving and didn't pay too much attention. It was about a policy trip that Chinese President Hu Jintao was making to visit President Bush. Shiree pointed out that his first stops on the way to were to Bill Gates and Boeing. Obviously understandable, but interesting nonetheless.

Anyhow, that bit of introductory knowledge helped this story to catch my eye this morning. Read the fifth paragraph:
Elizabeth Economy, director for Asia studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, said that while China had promised to make progress on the currency front, Hu was unlikely to make any announcement during this visit to avoid it being seen as coming "at a point of U.S. pressure on him."
That looks SOOOO fabbed. I'm sure that Elizabeth Economy is a person and the "Director of Asia studies at the Council on Foreign Relations" is a real position, but that paragraph reads like filler that was inserted with a hand scribbled note say "find a real quote from a real person..."

Weird. BUT she's real Perhaps it's even weirder that her name belies her career. Maybe it was self-fulfilling.

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