Monday, September 11, 2006

Cringley Article

Robert X. Cringley wrote an article about Apple's pending announcement In which he makes some points similar to mine

"This is key, because what's been missing throughout this conversion to Internet television has been a way to incorporate our user device of choice -- the TV. People don't really want to watch movies on their computer screens. They'll do it, some of them, but most people won't, so for the Internet and downloadable video market to explode the way it is supposed to do, we need an easy way to get the movies out of our computers and onto our TV screens."

The question remains about Amazon UnBox... How will they get the content to the TV. If it's through a player then they chose the wrong set of devices.

1 comment:

  1. Sure it's possible. In fact there's nothing stopping people that own the support devices from doing exactly the same thing as me. The question is where is the market for digital video content. Currently it looks to be with people own video iPods. Perhaps Amazon/Microsoft/XBox can change that?