Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Welcome to the new lands of Aisling (oshling - Gaelic for dream).

Shiree and I are buying about 50 acres of land near Craigsville, VA. It's wild and fascinating and our hope is that it'll be a place of escape; a place where the boys can run free. In fact, while I don't claim to be a novelist I hope we can write a story around the land. Aiden and Riley and I started with the map which is actually based on the land. We'll add to it as we discover more, and we'll probably rename things too.

We close on Apr. 16th. After that, there's a bunch of work clearing out brambles on some of the paths, and making access from Greengate down to Basspool easier. I'm also looking at options for building a cabin (either log or stick and frame). More adventures to come!

You can see other pictures here.

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