Thursday, October 25, 2007

Close But No Cigar

Today I met Nelson Ailer, an Augusta County inspector, for my first inspections of the cabin. We didn't pass but I think we did pretty well. Here's what needs to happen:
  • Install a second grounding rod
  • Move the grounding wire into the panel (and not the meter base)
  • Install a heater in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Install ducting for the bathroom vent
  • Prep a couple of wires (cut them back, strip housing and prep the grounds)
  • Prepare the plumbing for a pressure test (100lbs on supply lines, and 5lbs on the drain line) and demonstrate
  • Fasten trusses to walls with "hurricane clips"
  • Talk to the engineer and do what he says regarding the holes that were put in the trusses (apparently that's a no no)
  • Shim the center beam on top of the footers

All in all, doesn't sound like tons of work and I mostly know what to do. Another nice bit of news is that I can setup permanent service once I fix the grounding issues.

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