Friday, February 27, 2009

McDonaldization of America

This has been brewing since Thanksgiving... I've been thinking a lot about local Economy (after reading stuff by Wendell Berry and Bill McKibben), globalization, peak oil, etc. On our trip home from Plymouth, MA after Thanksgiving I was particularly sick of the fact that it is difficult to eat good food at a local establishment when you're travelling. So armed with my brother-in-law's Nuvi I *commited* to eating dinner at some place local.

We were near Wilkes-Barre / Plains on I-81 in Pennsylvania and there appeared to be lots of options. Here's what we tried.
  • Chicken Coop (out of business)
  • That Dough Guy (out of business)
  • Two Gals Pizza and Subs (closed)
  • Antony's Giant Hot Dog (closed)
  • Michael's Family Restaurant (closed)
After 30 minutes of trying we gave up and ended, in defeat, eating at Subway (at least it was marginally healhy). The subway closed at 10PM!

McDonald's within 10 miles: *9*!!!!

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