Tuesday, March 2, 2010

iPad Keynote

I just got around to watching Steve's keynote for the iPad and, while I confess that I'm a card carrying Apple zealot (two laptops, a mini, two iPhones, a bunch of iPods, and a Cinema display), it was a bit silly how often Steve said "in the palm of your hand" The other thing that I found interesting was that within the first minute of the presentation, while browsing the web he demoed how Apple products don't play nicely with Flash. Hard to day if it was an intentional (though subtle) dig at Adobe or if it wasn't a terribly well planned demo. If it was a dig it's not clear that customers will see it that way. Average users (the kind of users who have been Apple's key to success historically... "it's so easy") don't give a rip if it's built in Flash or HTML5 or Obj-C so honestly, that the NYT site uses Flash and doesn't work on the iPad just makes it look like the device doesn't work.

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