Saturday, January 22, 2011


This month I'm participating in Health Month and one of my rules was to restrict myself to 21 cups of coffee per week.  That probably doesn't sound terribly ambitious, but I love coffee and without limits I drink it like water.  Now, I'm not really convinced that there's substantial health benefit to drinking less coffee (in fact I've seen a few studies talk about the benefits of it... antioxidants or something), but I'm at least willing to consider the possibility that all that caffeine isn't the best for me so one cup in the morning, afternoon, and evening seemed like a reasonable limitation to try out.

It's been a difficult goal to follow and one effect is that I've been drinking more green tea (probably still craving that little bit of caffeine in green tea but I also like having a warm drink around when I work) which is according to some studies really good)  But the more interesting effect is the effect what coffee I do drink.  If I'm going to only drink three cups of coffee during the day they better be darn good cups.  I no longer have ANY tolerance for mediocre coffee.  In fact I've dumped out perfectly good cups of coffee because they weren't GREAT.  The coffee that I do drink I've been hand roasting Sweet Maria's green coffee and making it in a french press.  I savor every last drop and truly enjoy coffee.

The right kinds of scarcity lead to excellence (what coffee I drink) and gratitude (loving good coffee).

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