Friday, August 29, 2003

Lost time...

I recently bought a TiVo. I've been watching the joy on my friends faces for years, but haven't had the experience for myself until now. So it is with both joy and horror that I report to you that it is reasonable to watch a 2 hour program (in my case "The Defining Moments of the Tour de France With Lance Armstrong") in 1.25 hours! That's right, I saved 45 minutes of my life last night, and got to bed at a much more reasonable hour. Maybe someone should start a class action lawsuit against MPAA for all of the lives that they've taken. Think about it:

291,922,359 Americans * 4 hours daily viewing = 1,167,689,436 hours of TV * .37 commercials = 432,045,091 hours wasted / (77.2 years average life expectancy * 365 days * 24 hours) = 638.86 lives lost per year!

Phew. I'm gonna go read a book now.

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