Thursday, September 4, 2003

Reading resumes...

Is it possible to write a resume without being "false" I've been reading a lot of resumes (probably 20+ every day), and it's surprising how many people say that they want a:

"software development position involved with all phases of the product development lifecycle"

That phrase "product development lifecycle" gives me the creeps. People focus too much on that, or on a specific technology and not enough on the reason why the technology (or process of developing said technology) is useful. It solves problems. It makes someone's life easier. It enables people to do something that they previously were unable to do before. Who cares if you know the "big O" performance of a binary tree, or could implement a "multiple readers single write lock" if those TOOLS can't be used for something else. I interviewed one guy and he said it well "companies pay engineers to make money not to write code."

Here's my perfect resume header:

To work for a company that has interesting and fun people dedicated to using software to enable solutions to business problems.

  • You probably want to see:

    • Languages - C++/C/Perl/Java
    • Web apps - TCP/IP, HTTP, SOAP, WSDL, XMLRPC, Tomcat, JSP, JavaScript, HTML
    • Databases - Oracle, MySQL, BerkeleyDB
    • Other - Client/Server, CORBA, OOP, OOD

  • But I'd be happy to learn Cobol if it meant that I got to do something useful. Give me books, an environment to play, some examples, and great people to be around, and I'll be your Cobol expert.


BTW... If that describes you, send me your resume ;) I want people that look around and see thousands of interesting places to put software, and thousands of opportunities to learning something new.

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