Saturday, September 25, 2004

I had a product idea this morning... Not sure if you could make money off it, but I was amused.

Start an e-mail alias company (like except rather than just forwarding mail in the typical digital way, it forwards the mail through snail-mail. You pay a subscription fee and then whenever you send a mail to an address like "" the mail is printed, folded, stuffed in an envelope, and mailed along to your grandma. Obviously, that's labor intensive, and you'd have SPAM issues (these are probably preventable with a whitelist since it's only going to have a few allowable senders), but the fact of the matter is that I'd write to family members more often if I could do it through e-mail and some of my elderly family members are just not going to use a computer. I barely know what a stamp is anymore with online banking and what not.

I guess the main problem with this idea is that it's going to expire as eventually everyone will be online.


  1. Yo Harbick,
    Could you enable full articles for you RSS feed? Some of us like reading complete articles in our RSS readers instead of teasers. Make my life easy! ;-)

  2. I think I've updated the templates correctly. Can you see the full article now? It wasn't entirely clear how to do this in MT.