Thursday, September 23, 2004

Oh yes! Joy is mine!

First a little thought about a great company. CodeTek rocks! I wanted to upgrade to the latest version of Virtual Desktop but I had lost my registration key. The app reports that it's registered it just doesn't tell you the key. Anyhow, I called the number on their site and on the first ring I had a real live human! 30 seconds later I had my old registration key. Two minutes later after completing the upgrade pipeline I got an e-mail with the new registration key for "free." Apparently, I was entitled to an upgrade.

Now let me rave about the CTVD product itself. It's just awesome! Fine grained control of hotkeys etc. You can lay out the desktops however you want. You can get control over how it looks (how big/small, how opaque/transparent). You can make certain apps always popup on a specific virtual desktop. But the real kicker is "Focus follows mouse!" Sweet goodness it is! Finally, I can jump between apps by just dragging overtop of the window (no pesky clicking on that tiny little strip of exposed real estate). Bonus... The focus follows mouse works for X11 apps too. Well done, and it's cheap (~$40 IIRC).


  1. I'm assuming Mark has mentioned that Xwindows has done this for free for 25 years? ;)

  2. Of course! I've used linux/X since 92. I remember tweaking some of the original kernels. I don't work in any environment except the Un*x environment, but I still prefer OS/X as a desktop environment.