Thursday, November 3, 2005

Basement salon

I'm a Hair Cuttery guy. I like that I can run over to the shop and if there's no line, be in and out in 15 minutes for $15. They don't do a GREAT job, and you get a different person all the time, but it's good enough for me.

However, Shiree made an appointment for me with the woman that does her hair last night. She runs her own salon out of her basement. You park in her driveway and walk around behind her house to the basement entrance. When you enter everything is tastefully decorated and smells nice. You're greeted by Michelle (name changed to protect the innocent, and I don't really remember her name anyhow), a very smiley, bubbly woman whom you easily imagine as a high school cheerleader. She escorts you to your "throne" and for 30 minutes you're pampered. She is a perfectionist concerned about every last detail. She used a straight-razor on my neck, washed my hair after cutting it to get rid of the clippings, and even trimmed my eyebrows (apparently they were too long but I didn't have any ear or nose hair that needed trimming... yet). She then proceeded to instruct me about "palm aids" and how if I wanted to blow dry my hair in the morning that they would be better than gels because they reveal the colors and cut of the hair. I told her that I'd stick with gel for now and she offered to teach me when I'm ready; as if I were here hair paduan.

Damage... $15 + tip. Cool. I'm going back.

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