Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New IPA in the works

I just finished another round of IPA. Randy thinks it should be named TCP/IPA. You gotta admit it's a stinkin' good name.


14 lbs. grain, the only ones I remember that are likely to be there are 8lbs Maris Otter Pale Malt, 1lbs Rye Malt, 1lbs Caramalt (Raph at Cellar Homebrew does my recipes).

Hopping schedule:
60min. 2oz. Fuggles, and 1oz. Amarillo
30min. 1oz. Amarillo
10min 1oz. Chinook, 1oz. Amarillo

1oz. Amarillo
1oz. Chinook

and I might get some Columbus too...

Wyeast London Ale Yeast 1028

My original gravity came in at 1.080 which means that if I get the expected attenuation of 73-77% (attenuation is calculated as [(OG-FG)/(OG-1)] x 100) then my final gravity should come in around 1.022 and my beer will have an alcohol by volume of 7.6%, (1.080 - 1.022) * 131. A VERY respectible IPA.


  1. Oh yeah, the sweet part is that I got 6 gallons! Even with 1.080 OG. If I'd boiled longer I might have a 9% IPA :)

  2. Excellent! That's a lotta bandwidth, let's hope you've got good yeast with little packet loss. I suppose this gives a whole new meaning to bottleneck! Oh, the puns are just endless, Stop me, stop me now! ;-)