Monday, July 9, 2007

Four Walls and a Subfloor

The rain held off just long enough to get in the foundation footers and the block mason managed to get the foundation finished on Thursday, so on Friday me, John, Scott, and Dad C. went down to continue working on the cabin. We started around 3PM and worked until twilight (around 9PM). I have no clue how fast framers typically work, but in those six hours we fastened the mudsill to the block and laid the entire subfloor (center beam, I-beam joists, and plywood floors).

John and me stayed overnight and slept under the stars even a few shooting ones. It was beautiful (tons of stars were out because the moon was only half full and didn't rise until late at night)! In the morning I rose at dawn and made a tasty "mountain man breakfast" in the dutch-oven (eggs, bacon, green pepper, mushroom, hash browns and cheese all baked together in a quiche-like "pie")

John started measuring, cutting, and marking 2x4" for the walls while I cooked. After eating we laid out studs to start making the two longer walls. Scott, Dad C., Jim, his son Ben, and Eric all joined us and the work really started. Most of us were busy building the walls (nailing in studs, framing the windows, laying the OSB plywood, fastening housewrap, etc.) but Jim, Ben, and Dad C. all contributed to drilling footer holes for the front porch. By the end of the day we had all four exterior walls up and all the footers for the deck drilled and poured with concrete.

The weather was gorgeous, but HOT HOT HOT. We didn't have a thermometer but it was supposed to get into the mid ninetys. Fortunately it wasn't that humid. Just to illustrate how hot it was, 7 guys drank 15.75 gallons of liquids in the weekend.

Next weekend, we may hang the trusses (which are supposed to be delivered on Weds.) or we may do interior walls, and the deck.

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