Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Say Hello to the Cabin

We made it! Err, to "dried in" at least. This past weekend we put up the porch trusses, sheathed the roof, laid down roofing tar paper, finished the porch decking, tarred the foundation, and did a bunch of additional framing tasks inside (which I wasn't a part of, but I think the main purpose was for extra bracing and to provide a surface for drywalling). Building houses is very physically demanding, but (at least when it's your own) very satisfying too.

When I embarked on the task of building my own cabin at the persuasion of Don, Scott, and John the task seemed huge and unknown and my fear was that we'd never finish (lest I jinx myself... we may still never finish ;). John, took the drawings and came up with a plan to finish framing the cabin in 4 weekends with 4+ guys every weekend. It was close; from the foundation being laid the day before we were to start to God holding off the rain and giving us BEAUTIFUL weather every weekend to using up every last hour of the 4 weekends (we finished around 5PM on Saturday) but John proved to be right and we did it. Thanks to John, Scott, Don, Dad H., Dad C., Dan, Eric, Jim, Ben, Scott H., Jakob, Carroll, Randy, and Jeremy! You are true brothers. And thanks to Shiree, Aiden, Riley, and Brody for giving me the time to work on it.

There's still a bunch of work to be completed and I hope you can join me over the coming months (I hope to be done before winter) for some of the tasks that I'm not going to hire professionals for. The next time I'll be working on something is the electrical and plumbing rough in (the week of Aug. 20th). Let me know if you're interested!

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