Thursday, March 3, 2005


So far the food in Romania has been very good. Then again it seems pretty western. One thing that I've noticed is that they use a lot of Gorgonzola (yeah!) and sour cream (smantana). The night before last we ate at Casa Lavric (the guy that runs it has a website, but not the restaurant). I had a fried chicken dish (piept du pui) and a crepe (clatitte) with an orange sauce (sos) for dessert. It was indeed in a converted house and was cozy. Old-style American jazz music (Louis Armstrong) played in the background and there were lots of instruments hanging on the walls (clarinets, oboes, trumpets, etc.) Last night we ate at Casa Bilius. Personally I liked that a lot better. The atmosphere was much classier, more quiet, and less smoky. Plus the owners of the company we're with here took us out so they could help us navigate the waiter etc. For dinner, I had a beef filet (muschi) sauteed in butter, and drenched in gorgonzola (heart attack on the plate). I tried a few European beers too... Tuborg from Copenhagen; pretty typical lager, nothing that grand about it, and Silva from Romania. It was a very nice dark beer that had hints of a barley wine though only 7% (not "thick" like a stout). For dessert I had papanasi (said papanash) which believe it or not is "fried cheese"... Nothing like you'd expect; not mozzarella sticks but more like a fritter. It was served with dates or cherries on top and cream. Quite yummy!

P.S. One of the women helping at the restaurant looked at me funny when I said "bodaproste"... She explained that it IS "multumesc" and that "bodaproste" is actually something that you would say at a funeral (perhaps thanking the hosts???) Now I'm confused. I'm going to have to grill Christi tomorrow ;)

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  1. Wow... Small world! Casa Lavric was excellent. Tell your friend for me ;)