Friday, March 4, 2005


At least when you're just out in public it's unusual to smile at people. I was walking around Iasi and I was asking myself "I wonder if I look American"... Mostly I would just walk looking at people, and when they made I contact, I'd flash a smile. I began to notice that no one returned a smile, and for that matter, I didn't really see people smiling at all in public so I began to think that perhaps smiling is American. At dinner the other night, Lucian (one of our hosts) confirmed that smiling (or not) is actually a distinguishing feature between Americans and Romanians. It's REALLY helpful to know that. I was wondering if people didn't like me ;)

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  1. hello, I am a belgian who would be expatriated next year in iasi and as I saw that you are curently living in iasi I thought that you could help me by letting me know your experience in iasi , the social life , etc ,
    thank you in advance