Saturday, March 5, 2005

Romania culture observations

As I've been here, I've collected a few observations about Romanian culture (caveat... This is based on Iasi). I don't have much to say about these observations except that I had them:

  • Dance/electronica music is very popular. I've heard it almost everywhere I've been.

  • There's this pungent, but pleasant smell I've experienced in lots of places (hotels, bathrooms, soap, cabs)... I can't place it but it's like a potpurri that isn't fruity or flowery but more spicey (nutmeg, clove, not cinnamon).
  • Watching Romanian cartoons is funny. The voices sound very adult; not the more silly kid sounding voices that many American cartoons have for children.

  • Romanians don't care much for their roads, but there are lots of taxis. Potholes are UBIQUITOS and huge. Bogdan, the host that has been driving us around has a nice/small Alfa Romeo and he is constantly dodging potholes like someone in a golf-ball sized hailstorm.

  • Romanians smoke EVERYWHERE... Except McDonald's (this isn't about smoking, but remind me to show you my "food pyramid guide" with McDonald's food on it.... VERY funny)

  • Romanians really like sour crean (smantana). Many dishes have it as part of the sauce (sos)

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  1. When I was in America, everyone listened to country music. Youd be hard pressed to find anyone outside america listening to country music.
    Here in britain, electro/house is king.
    I love sour cream. Sour cream and hot chips is king!! or a chip butty with sour cream..... mmmmmmmm.....