Monday, July 18, 2005

Beer in France

France isn't exactly known as a beer place but I managed to find a few interesting beers while I was there:
  • Kriska (you can see that it isn't thought of too highly, but it tastes like lemondrops and is very refreshing to drink... not exactly beer though)
  • Dorelei (decent amber ale)
  • Affligem (I can't find the beer that matches this... It was very Lambic-like... sour, horse-blanket and while Affligem makes Belgian, I can't find a Lambic. Not sure if we got a skunk or whether the barkeep poured the wrong beer, or my taster's busted)
  • Monaco (this one was confusing... a lot like a Shirley Temple, and it turns out my taster was right. It's actually a mixed drink Refreshing)
  • Brugs (a very light Hefe-like beer... served with a lemon. Pretty nice, but not my favorite by any stretch)
  • Leffe (a common Abbey ale... Very nice. It'd be very easy to seriously get into Leffe)

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