Friday, July 8, 2005

Saint Paul's Cathedral

Great Britain June 2005 086

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While in London we visited St. Paul's cathedral. We decided that we needed to visit at least one cathedral while there and also that Westminster Abbey was probably the more touristy of the two. St. Paul's is beautiful (and ancient... current building only several hundred years, but there has been a church at the site since 600ish). However, I must rant... When you enter the church there are signs saying "don't take pictures or video in this place of worship..." It doesn't restrict the activity to just "flash photography" but all forms (and I saw them enforce it) out of respect for this "place of worship" I'm all for respect like that. We need more, HOWEVER they promptly charged me £19 and they have a cafeteria in the crypt of all places! So I stole a photo in an act of civic rebellion. Jesus probably would turned over tables and stirred things up in that "house of prayer"


  1. To be fair there was a service going on while we were there and people were worshiping.... and it's beautiful.... and it felt good to be there. I'm just chaffed that I could keep a 'copy' of what I saw to remember it. It was worth it.

  2. the cafe under st pauls sucks, and its only for the tourists. westminster is really beautiful.
    if you have missed York Cathederal you need to be shot!!!
    The york minster is the most beautiful in the country, and its still a fully working cathedral.

  3. I do need to be shot. We missed it :( No one said we needed to go there. Always next time eh?