Friday, April 8, 2005

In the works...

I’m cooking up a scheme to fly over to France for a week to see bits of the Tour this year. I figured it may be one of the last times that I could see Lance compete in the Tour. Anyhow, I’m considering three options. In all of them I fly to Paris and then travel from Paris to other parts of the race, watch/travel for a week, return to Paris and go home. Here are the options:

  1. Fly from Paris to Nantes and rent a car…. Catch the opening 5 stages while driving back toward Paris and leave from Paris.

  2. Take the train from Paris to St. Etienne. Rent a car in St. Etienne. Catch Issoire->Le Puy, and the TT in St. Etienne. Then take the train back to Paris and watch the last stage and leave the next day.

  3. Fly from Paris to Marseilles. Rent a car, and drive to Grenoble, and catch Grenoble->Courchevel, Courchevel->Briancon, Briancon->Digne Les Bain, and Miramas->Montepelier. Fly back to Paris from Marseilles and leave.

Which would you do? Something entirely different?


  1. I can't comment on travel recommendations, but I think seeing the last stage would definitely be something special. Who knows, you might even get to see him stand on the podium one more time.

  2. Doh! You're not making this any easier Doug ;) I was leaning toward option 1. because it's the "safest" for me. I'm certain I can get to Nantes, rent a car and meander back towards Paris catching flat stages from wherever along the route I wish. Now you vote for option 2, and I've got other folks pushing for Grenoble because that's where the contenders will likely make there move. Sigh... Hard problem to have no? ;)

  3. Id go for number 3. i had a mate go to the last stage and there is sooo many people you basically get to see shit all :(
    now i am in america i am hoping to go see lance in tour de georgia or whatever they try and call it down there...
    but id reccomend against going to the first or the last stage... time trials can be fun to go watch too, not just the mountain climbs...