Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Mediocre coffee rules America!

My family just returned from a road-trip to and from Indianapolis. It was a GREAT trip, and I've got a few thoughts that I want to blog about it when I get a chance, but I figured I started with a quick one.

We drove I81 S to I64 W, to I65 N to get there. It was a pretty and very straightforward route. Driving through Lexington KY was particularly beautiful; ACRES of genteel horse farms line the road for at least 30 miles. That and Kentucky must have a law against those big tacky billboards because I don't recall noticing them (perhaps at all) in KY, but they are LITTERED throughout I64 in West Virginia, and on I65 in Indiana.

Anyhow, one thing I noticed is that it is DARN hard to get good coffee when you're travelling. Gas stations, hotels (even fairly expensive ones like Embassy Suites) restaurants... All serve something hot and black, and more or less enjoyable to drink, but it isn't really fair to call it coffee if you're going to compare it; even to something pretty standard like Starbucks (which along our route was non-existent) The only good coffee that I had was with our friends (who came from Seattle) in Indy. I think it was a special blend Starbucks coffee, but it may have been Zoka's.

Wake up America, your coffee isn't good, and it's certainly not worth the prices you charge for it.

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