Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Real hackers use Macs?

David Heinemeier Hannson asserts that he would have a hard time hiring a programmer working on a Windows platform for 37 Signals. He bases the claim on deep conviction that Macs are great machines, and also because Paul Graham was stirring the pot about Mac adoption among hackers. I don't dispute that Macs are GREAT machines (I'm happily writing this from my 17" Powerbook), or even that Apple started a bit of a revolution among talented software engineers (I've watched close to a dozen of my most talented engineer friends buy powerbooks), but puleeze.... A talented engineer doing web-development (as is 37 signals/DHH) doesn't need a Mac. Sure, they can use fancy and cool little apps like CocoaMySQL, but in my book any REAL hacker only needs a shell and Emacs (or I suppose some lesser editor).

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